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EFI Live Flashscan V3

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Product Description

Put the right tools in your toolbox! FlashScan from EFILive allows you to scan, data log and reprogram your vehicle for maximum performance and outstanding drivability.

FlashScan is the key component of the EFILive solution, integrating the EFILive Scan Tool and EFILive Tuning Tool with the chosen vehicle's data management system including Engine Controllers, Transmission Controllers and Powertrain Controllers.


  • Prevent unauthorized reading, editing and flashing of custom tune files.
  • Tune files are encrypted with EFILive proprietary routines.
  • Use Locking options to prevent tune files from being read from the ECM/TCM.
  • Multi-vehicle licensing.
  • Each FlashScan V3 Tuning Option ships with 2 VIN licenses to tune two supported vehicles. Purchase 2 Tuning Options for 4 VIN Licenses, purchase 3 Tuning Options for 6 VIN Licenses.
  • Additional VIN licenses (up to 600) can be purchased.
Quick Setup
  • Configure and program all device settings, scan and tune settings, tune files and security in a single process.
  • Save Quick Setup configurations for easy reuse.
  • Email BBX configurations to support remote customers.
  • Read/Flash FlashScan V2⇄Connected Vehicle between 30 seconds and 7 mins (vehicle dependent).
  • Store tune & log files to micro SD Card..
  • Read & clear DTC codes.
  • High speed data logging.
  • Display data while logging.
  • Read & program calibration and/or operating system data of engine controller.
  • Automatic saving of trace files.
  • PC⇄FlashScan V2⇄Connected Vehicle read/flash between 30 sec and 7 minutes (vehicle dependent).
  • Store tune & log files onto PC.
  • Read and clear DTC codes.
  • High speed data logging.
  • Gauges & charts display in real time.
  • Read & program calibration and/or operating system data of engine controller.


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