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Adrenaline HPOP's - DSA-ADR - Fits 96-2003 7.3L Ford Powerstrokes - Higher Volume High Pressure Oil Pump with mounting gasket and o-rings

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For use with: Stock injectors, Stage I, Stage II, and up to 250cc Hybrids. Not for use with B-Codes (DT466 and I530 injectors). Please Specify if its a 94-95 Powerstroke 1994-2003 7.3L STOCK REPLACEMENT - BOLT IN - HEAVY DUTY REBUILD HIGH VOLUME HIGH PRESSURE OIL PUMP EVEN STOCK TRUCKS WITH STOCK PROGRAMMING CAN SEE A DIFFERENCE - SEE TESTIMONIALS FUEL MILEAGE INCREASES SEEN IN EVERY YEAR/MODEL TESTED AND WITH EVERY INJECTOR SIZE HP INCREASE BASED ON INJECTOR SIZE AND CURRENT TUNING/PROGRAMS WITH A PUMP SWAP ONLY PULLING POWER FOR TOWING INCREASES WITH EVERY TRUCK SETUP PUMP IS INSTALLED ON EVERY ADRENALINE IS BUILT EXACTLY THE SAME AND FLOWS WITHIN A CERTAIN SPEC ALL YEAR ADRENALINES, INCLUDING 94-95'S ARE BUILT TO BE ABLE TO USE THE 96-03 IPR FOR ADDITIONAL SAVINGS HEAVY DUTY DUAL BALL BEARING CARTRIDGES- NO BUSHINGS The Adrenaline is the perfect high pressure oil solution for any injector setup. As expected, stock injectors won't feel quite the wow that larger injectors will - but you will feel it and when towing you will wonder how you did without it. Larger injectors are the big winners with higher volume high pressure oil. The bigger the injector - the more power gains. Every injector size realizes fuel mileage. But make no mistake, this is not some small increase meant for small injectors. As common sense dictates and as our testimonials show, the larger the injectors the more power you realize from adding higher volume high pressure oil. This pump was made for any injector except B-codes and it will deliver fuel economy, performance and power to any vehicle. If you've been told you have a weak pump and are seeing a 1211 codes then we'll help you diagnose your needs before you spend your money on a pump. Programming can be the culprit for a 1211 code being thrown especially with stock injectors. Programming has changed over the last few years and you may just need some tweaking. The weak pump epidemic caused by bad or older programming has too many of you looking for a cheap pump fix. We'll try and help you fix your issues, but realize that it may not be a pump that you need. In this economy we don't want your money if our pump won't be your fix. SERIAL NUMBER FOR ANTI-DRAINBACK FEATURE: 1994-1995 Engine Serial Number 201680 and before will need the Anti-drainback feature Serial Number 201681 and after are 1996 to 2003 and do not need the Anti-drainback feature A pump core is required. If you are sending additional cores for credit off the price of your pump, they must be received BEFORE your pump ships.


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  1. Absolutely amazing!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Oct 29th 2020

    Very happy with the purchase of the new adrenaline pump.. I am a returning customer have purchased from company before very satisfied with the service

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