Innovative Diesel – More power. Less fuel.

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Why custom tuning instead of generic pre-programmed units?

Off the shelf pre-programmed devices are built to include the minimal changes needed to accomplish some additional power and mileage. They only change the programming that is common between all the specific engines they are intended for. The pre-programmed tuners were built to be competitive with their class of products.

Our custom tunes take it to the next level. We change all the tables for the specific strategy of the truck, both engine and transmission. Diesel vehicles are much different than a gas vehicle. Manufacturers have hundreds of codes for these trucks, which are released almost monthly and distributed by the Ford dealerships as recalls or reflashes. There are fixes and updates for cold starts, emissions, mileage, and safety/reliabilty for electronics and hard parts. It’s impossible for the generic devices to incorporate all these changes, since they are on the shelf or in a warehouse. Even the online updates won’t cover all the necessary changes, due to the amount of effort required to keep up with each vehicle and not having the detail to program each code seperately. We build the program for your specific code and include all the updates from Ford, as well as the hundreds of extra changes we make over the generic. This all helps reliability, drivability, economy, and power.