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SCT X4 Datalogging instructions

Posted by Innovative Diesel on

We recommend downloading SCT’s latest revision of LiveLink datalogging software.

When you click on the link the download will start automatically

SCT LiveLink Data Logging Software is used to do the following:

  • Setup and Create Data Logs while connected to an SCT Tuner, Vehicle and Computer.
  • Open and review existing SCT Data logs.
  • Create custom Data Log Files (DLF) aka Monitor configurations.
  • Retrieve saved On-Device Data Logs from SCT Devices
  • Look up DTC Definitions to figure out why the check engine light is on.


Install software with SCT device NOT connected to the computer
Once the software is installed connect the device to the computer
Let the driver finish install before using

Livelink GenII

1)Open Livelink GenII and follow the directions to connect to the vehicle

2) If you have a config (config.cf4) file that we sent you, simply click on “Load Config” in the top menu bar. Skip to step 4)

3)Click on “List” This displays the available parameters for your vehicle. Select the parameters that you would like to log. Common parameters include:

  • MAF Volts/Hz
  • RPM
  • Load
  • ECT (Engine Coolant Temp)
  • IAT/ACT/ACT2 (Inlet Air Temps)
  • Spark Long Term and Short Term Fuel Trims
  • Throttle Position

4) Start Vehicle. Start LiveLink by clicking on the green button. LiveLink will take a few seconds to connect and start logging

5) Once you are done logging, click the Red button before turning the car off. Click “Save All” in the top menu bar. It will save the log as a .csv file which you can email us.

If you don’t have a config file, with the key on, click the graph button at the top left of the screen. This displays the available parameters for your vehicle. Select the parameters that you would like to log. 

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